Let’s work together !


You plan something somewhere and you don’t have someone to capture the moment? Don’t panic and contact me for an estimation of your project.

Feel free to contact me and ask what you want but keep in mind to be the most precise as you can. If you have some questions have a look just under the quote you may find an answer there. I tried to explain you a bit more « How will it work? » after that you will send me your first message. What could happen or not and why.

I love to have another way to see, and you could be the other way for me to see. Don’t be shy to contact me and explain me your most complex project because I would love to work with you and find a solution. I’m sure of it!

    Please prove you are human by selecting the house.


    First, you contact me. You will try to explain me as much as possible your project. What you exactly want. It must be a drone footage, a shooting of you, your animal or maybe your house. You could explain me who you are (it’s always better to know with who I’m working). Where do you come from or where do you want me to come? It’s important for me to know. That is all the first information that I will need to answer you. Remember more you will detail your project easier and faster it will be.


    Probably YES or NOT. Yes, I’m really interested by what you want. It’s a fact I must to love what I do to offer you the best, but don’t worry, I’m sure that it will work. No. It’s not like no I don’t like your project, It’s a bad one because everything is good to try! It’s more no, I don’t feel that I could offer you what you want and I will try to redirect you to the right person. If everything is good, I will let you know how much will it cost and probably call you soon to fix a meeting if it’s ok for you


    You probably know it but it’s first of all a feeling as well for you as for me. You will want the right person to capture your moment and I will want the good subject in front of my lens. It’s important for me to know with who I will work. That is not the same thing to talk with someone behind a phone than in front of him.

    I will be able to have all the informations that I want for your project : What, When, Who, Where, How.


    D-Day, nothing complicated here. I will do my job and you will enjoy your moment. As simple as that!

    5. AND AFTER ?

    Yeah, it’s right, and after what will happen?

    It depends of what you asked for. You may receive some edits of the day or maybe a video. My limits will be your imagination, everything is possible we will just need to talk about it before.

    I love to collaborate and make awesome content.
    Let’s talk !

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